A Plum Role


(Sorry for the lateness of this post. I had some outside work to take care of today. Some people, I understand, are positively swayed by work.)

Even though it’s Friday, it’s a Friday in February, which can be a bit off-putting. The weather, the early evenings, the economy… It is all enough to throw a wet blanket on the best of days.

Nope, we need cheering up. With the impending Academy Awards, my thoughts turn to that other great opiate of the masses: the pictures. The problem is that I prefer movies that are less likely to be nominated for an award. Nothing too dark, nothing too soul searching, nothing with too much of a message. No daemon hunter am I; there are too many that pop up day-to-day to go looking for more.

Which is why, if you need cheering up, a good lesson in restrained enthusiasm, and the possible pitfalls of novelty legwear, I can offer no higher recommendation than Jeeves & Wooster – The Complete Series

P.G.Wodehouse, or Plum as he was known (see the tie in to my post title?), was considered by his peers as one of the finest writers of his generation. He is, today, a classic of his genre who reached the height of his craft with the stories of the “wastrel” Bertram J. Wilberforce Wooster and his gentleman’s gentleman of prodigious brain, Jeeves. The best portrayal of these two perfect specimens is by Hugh Laurie (yes, “House, M.D.”) and Stephen Fry.

Watch it for the wonderful country house settings, the art deco architecture, the costuming (perfection — there is a lot to learn here), the dialogue (“Aunt bellowing to aunt, like Mastodons across the primeval swamp…”) or the camaraderie (the two have known each other since University and had a comedy show prior to J&W. They work very well together and it shows.) Whatever your reason, watch it as soon as possible. And laugh your way through our less complicated lives.

Happy weekend.

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