The Best Laid Plans

My father had a saying: “If something is worth doing, it’s worth hiring someone to do it right for you.”

Mrs. E. is a dedicated DIY’er.

So when I suggested that the library might look pretty good painted a particular colour, she readily agreed that the change would be refreshing. And then she added “And it won’t take any time at all… ”

My blood ran cold.

Nevertheless, I was game for the challenge.

We were going for this:

and wound up with this:

Or possibly this:

Which looked like this:

Finally, we settled on something called “Orange Ice” which approximated the colour of the faded book jacket.

Which I applied using the wrong kind of roller and brush.

I also chose the wrong finish, since the plaster walls don’t seem to want to soak up the colour and when they do, the eggshell finish really shows off every imperfection in the surface.

The new colour is very pleasing. It also makes for a very awkward transition from the yellow living room into the newly “Orange Iced” library.

All of which any professional decorator would have mentioned immediately, even before I painted the library with the wrong orange.

Yes, painting is easy. But the end result isn’t as elegant as I would like.

When will I learn to listen to my parents?

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