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To Renee Finberg, the designer responsible for the home office you see above. (Insert appreciative, low whistling sound here.) There’s a Murphy bed hidden behind one wall. Learn more about her at her blog.

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3 Responses to Say Hello

  1. shux……………thank you .

    I guess you see now, after a little research , that I will always believe Cary Grant was the most beautiful, elegant man ever !
    again…Thank You.

  2. Capt. Mike says:

    I think the room (and Ms. Finburg for what my opinion is worth) is quite pleasing to the eye; the room has a certain efficiency, yet considerable warmth. The printer in the photo, however, highlights what I’m sure what must be a common problem for those of us that would prefer to be surrounded by pleasant and “genuine” articles, yet are dependent on a variety of ungainly, plasticky, and often wired devices. I’ve seen computer cases which strive to remedy this (See, or, for the aesthete on the go:
    I have yet to see a printer so disguised. I’m curious to know what, if anything The Elegantologist has done to remedy the clutter of the electronica on which this engaging site depends.

  3. Hello Cap’t, Ain’t it the truth? The cables alone are maddening. I work on a MacBook and had thought to go wireless to minimize the mess. It would also minimize my efficiency as loading photos, etc. becomes more of a time-consuming task. If I weren’t of limited means, I would certainly entertain something from Suissa Computers. ( An extremely elegant solution to my eye.

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