Dressing for a Bruised Sky Day

“Come on, lads. Let’s get home. The sky is beginning to bruise. Night must fall, and we shall be forced to camp.” (Uncle Monty, “Withnail & I.” Sorry for the small photo, it was difficult to track down.)

The Sartorialist started his blog to give himself ideas about his wardrobe. He saw someone on the street whose rig he admired and took a shot. He figured that others might benefit from his hobby. He was right.

He shot a window (in Milan) that inspired me. Blue blazer, purple sweater, navy tie. A colour combination that would not have occurred to me. Purple and grey? Sure. Blue and purple? Hmmm. But the mannequin looked fantastic.

We’ve been having rather dramatic weather recently. Yesterday could be described as “brooding.” Or with Uncle Monty’s quote above. It had me thinking about purple and navy and black.

My take. Blue suit and shirt, deep blue tie and a purple sweater. And that’s why other blogs continue to inspire me to try something new — be it inside the house, at the stove, or looking at my wardrobe in a whole new light.

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