Music By Which to Dress

Jut thought I’d get that into your collective head for this evening.

I don’t know why, but setting the proper mood when dressing for the evening’s festivities always brings out the best in my sartorial sense. A theme like “Charade” can bring out your inner cold warrior or James Bond — all white shirts, navy suits and highly polished black oxfords. A Cole Porter tune may lighten the mood and ready you for cocktails at the local piano bar; preferably in black tie. Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin will let you ring-a-ding-ding into the night. Usually with a dressing drink while you step into your Camelot-era slim suit.

Most of the time I play music from the 1930’s through the early 1960’s, depending on my mood and the dress code for the night.

For some wonderful jazz, check out the V&A’s Art Deco Music Collection from 2003.

For some forgotten gems try a compilation like Verve’s Unmixed or Remixed series.

Or stick with the originals. The classics never go out of style.

What’s your favourite “mood” music?

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