Fall Cas…

Lately, I’ve been feeling very casual; as you can tell from the picture above. I suppose it’s the in-between weather. My heavier suits are a joy to wear when the temperatures are in the 50ºF and below range. But these days that start out around 40ºF and end up flirting with 70ºF can be confounding to your daily wardrobe plans.

One word, Benjamin…


In the photo above I am once again wearing clothing purchased a few years ago. It’s all cas (pronounced “cazh.” As in “Dress code? Dude, it’s totally cas.”) But I mean it to denote both casual and blended with cashmere.

The herringbone jacket is by a company called Oliver and was purchased at Peter Blair during an end of the season sale. I wasn’t sure I could make a pumpkin spice coloured sportcoat work. It’s become a fall favourite. The sweater vest is B-Squared, charcoal cashmere. Sleeveless sweaters are very good layering pieces for these early fall days. Especially if you don’t take off your jacket. If you do, you run the risk of looking a little too “Jimmy Olsen, cub reporter” in my opinion. The navy tie is also B-Squared and is woolen knit. The trousers are Ralph Lauren cashmere (maybe 7%) blended with wool and carded to give them a nice soft, flannel-like hand. They are a houndstooth black and tan with a rust overplaid that plays nicely off the sportcoat and the houndstooth patterned shirt. Ancient Allen Edmonds Sandford model shoes round out the day’s choices. With the addition of a hat, it’ll be just warm enough for walking the three blocks to pick up my daughter. As the coat does not have surgeon’s cuffs (working button holes) I will be forced to take it off to carve the pumpkin this afternoon. But that will be in the privacy of my backyard.

Consider adding luxurious fabrics to your daily wear and don’t be afraid of a little colour to brighten up your fall.

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