This has always been one of my favourite looks. I love a double-breasted blazer, although this is the first I’ve had made with gold buttons. The shirt is blue with a charcoal tattersall pattern. The tie is ancient B-Squared. I’m wearing gabardine charcoal brown trousers by Uomo Homme (with two and a half pleats, but they are very nicely cut and drape beautifully.) Brown plain toe oxfords.

I guess that before I knew who Alan Flusser is, this was the look that had the most dramatic impact on my developing sartorial senses.

Then, of course, there was this guy…

I’ve written about Mr. Merkin before….

And Osbert Lancaster.

All masters of mixing colour, pattern and texture. All very well dressed. They also have one more thing in common: call it “flash” for lack of a better term. Done right, this look is very sophisticated. Edward, Duke of Windsor, could (and often did!) mix five patterns into his daily dress.

But I’m changing a bit in my tastes. I’m becoming more catholic, I guess. Maybe it’s the change in the weather (they’ll be a change in me… as the song goes.) Or maybe it is my advancing years. Maybe I’m being too careful with my “public image” in a small town and not playing enough. Maybe it’s the state of the economy that makes me want to dress more soberly, but in very well-made clothing.

Because here’s where I want to go.

Grant as Roger Thornhill via urbanite.com

Grant as Roger Thornhill via urbanite.com

(via A Suitable Wardrobe. This photo now sits on my desk.)

(via A Suitable Wardrobe. This photo now sits on my desk.)

I’m off to work on my tan. That and the simple suit and tie combinations may be as close as a man can get.

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