WWCGD: Monday

Make an appointment with his barber. I’m going Tuesday.

There are any number of haircuts that we are allowed these days. This one would work a little better on me if I were a silver-maned millionaire with a St. Tropez tan.

Maybe next year. In the meantime it’s more “Cary Grant” and less “Jim Carrey” for me.

I’ll opt instead for a shorter back and sides while maintaining the length on top (for the most part.) At least that’s the plan today. Tomorrow is the acid test.

The classic short sides and back is timeless. You may choose to wear your hair longer (like Tod’s founder Diego Della Valle) or shaved into a sort of all around five o’clock shadow to match your stubble (Jason Statham does this well. See his turn as “Handsome Rob” in “The Italian Job.”) But on the whole I’ve decided that I prefer to avoid making a statement with my hair. Like the suit that wears you and gets all the attention, a hairstyle that stands out shifts focus from your face to the top of your head. My attitude will change as I get older, I’m sure.

I like to think of this as my “North by Northwest” suit. It’s a close approximation and certainly as close as I’ll ever get to aping Mr. Grant; should I have had the chance to stand in his proximity, the comparison to a dancing chimpanzee would have been unavoidable. Call me Cheetah.

But back to the suit. It’s an Oxxford make and is an example of a lighter weight fabric with a very subtle pattern (a windowpane overlay in darker grey and there is a faint light blue stripe that shadows it) that I think looks best with a crisp white, spread collar shirt (this one is an open weave that lets the air through) and a tonal grey (Prince of Wales) tie. A French (double) cuffed shirt and silver cuff links would dress this up even more. I should have worn my black captoes with it (and would if I were wearing the cufflinks), but swung to the dark brown suede plain toes instead. Serious enough for a Monday, lightweight enough for an 80ºF day.

If, as is claimed by some, making a conscious effort at being happy, cheerful, optimistic, etc. will actually change your outlook, this is a good place to start. Wear and look your best on Monday.

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