Bed Linens: The Pillow Case

Libeco Victoria Eco Bed Linens

Libeco Victoria Eco Bed Linens

If you’re like me, you often think to yourself how nice it would be to sleep on linen sheets. And almost immediately afterwards you think something along the lines of: “…and we really don’t eat enough caviar, either….”

Linen sheets can seriously cut into the champagne budget, too.

Happily, there is a middle ground. Especially if you live close to a very good antiques store. Our local antique mall has a vendor who sells beautifully pressed vintage table and bed linens. While I don’t mind having someone else’s monogram on our silver, the same doesn’t hold true for my bed clothes. That’s why I was very pleased to find two non-monogrammed pillow cases for a very reasonable sum. Nicely pressed, they let me enjoy the feeling of sleeping on linen and leave room in the budget for a couple of bottles of bubbly and some American sturgeon roe.

And while I’m at it, here’s what I consider a brilliant idea for a business. Remember those cotton diaper delivery services? Wouldn’t it be great to have the same thing for bed and table linens? Once a week a truck would pull up and deliver a freshly pressed and starched set of bed linens and/or a tablecloth and an appropriate number of napkins. The used sets would be picked up, laundered and pressed ready to be returned the next week. Billing would be monthly and you would have the option of ordering more sets of whatever you need week-by-week.

The Easy and Elegant Life Luxury Linen Home Delivery Service. Drivers in white peaked caps and black bowties, of course.

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