Insert Chinese Character for “Bowl,” Here

Today’s post will be a brief one. We are preparing for a birthday party to be given in honour of a friend, tomorrow. Guests will be encouraged to wear their summer whites before they have to pack them away for the season.

We have a lot to do before then. Silver to polish, napkins to iron, glasses to polish and a trip to the booze store to replenish the stock that has dwindled this summer.

The menu will include tarragon chicken salad, roast beef and blue cheese finger sandwiches, a crab ball, salmon tartare, steamed shrimp and an awful lot of champagne.

What does all this have to do with the Chinese rice bowls above? How else do you serve olives, Virginia peanuts or cheese biscuits to the crowd? I think they are stylish, colourful and somewhat unusual. And, since they are tremendously inexpensive, very practical.

Do you use crystal bowls? Ceramics? Julep cups? What are your secretly inexpensive and stylish serving vessels?

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