Boat Drinks

(Find the image and the tumbler here.)

Mrs. E., the children and I just returned from a family reunion of sorts. Some of the family made it. A couple of favourite cousins. New cousins (most a bit older than my two kids), my grandmother and two uncles — well one uncle and one great-uncle — rounded out our small party. As we were in Oxford Maryland, where my uncle lives and sails, we had steamed blue crabs and shrimp. There were shrimp left when we did…

My uncle’s house is perfect for a man who loves to sail. It is a former captain’s house, a half block from the water, and wall-to-wall wood, brass, glass and trophies. It was funny to see him sit there, at the back of the porch, just off to the left (or right if you were facing him.) It is the same position from which he pilots his boat, Regatta. In a way, I suppose that is what all hosts do — take the helm at the party, get it underway and make sure that it is smooth sailing to (the) port.

Tervis Tumblers make the job easier in high summer.

His would have his boat name, home port and maybe a nautical flag personalizing his tumblers. Yours might have your crest, initials, breed of dog or anything else you may want to make a cocktail flag out of.

Yes, they are a little goofy. But they keep water rings from collecting on the furniture and make ice last a lot longer at the lawn party. Form follows function here. Maybe they do them in madras plaid?

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