Summer Evening Casual

Conventional wisdom says dark trousers and a light shirt. Hollywood says wear all black.

Turn both on their heads. For a summer evening, try white trousers (hey! it’s summer, you can’t wear these after Labour Day) and a dark shirt.

White, lightweight wool pleated trousers (lined to the knee in muslin — or they’d be see-through), tan calf belt, dark blue shirt with white windowpane overlay by Brooks Brothers (ca. 2000?) Spectator or light brown loafers (although I usually wear black shoes in the evening) continue the evening’s palette. I have seen this work very well with navy Belgian slippers. Finding a blue leather belt can be difficult, however.

Have a swellegant weekend. If you are in the metro D.C. area, don’t forget about the Doc Scantlin Dancin’ under the stars concert at Reston Town Center. Wear your white dinner jacket.

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3 Responses to Summer Evening Casual

  1. G. Morien-Jones says:

    Refined, stylish, classy and elegant. I don’t know many guys nowadays whom I can describe as “debonair” except you. Who said only Italians know about clothes! I love nothing more than a guy who knows how to dress. You have such a great taste. It’s a great blog, by the way.

  2. Thank you very much, G. Morien-Jones. And welcome. I’m glad that you are enjoying the bog. Please let me know if there is a topic you’d like me to try and cover.

    Italy, by the way, is the only country I’ve visited in which I felt underdressed. La bella figura is alive and strutting.

  3. TIG says:

    The trousers are crisp and classic, perfect for a balmy summer evening. Would also love to see them with a navy leather belt, as per your suggestion. And love your new header, by the way. Have a great week, Elegant.

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