Guest Room(ination)s

(should have saved this for the Mother’s Day post. Subtle hint, guys….)

Yes, I know, I sometimes find myself punning uncontrollably. Especially after two nights with very little sleep.

Cokie Roberts is everything you expect.

(We saw her speak at the Junior League’s Book and Author Dinner with a host of other very impressive and entertaining writers.)

They were all hosted by our friends and The Architect mentioned that she was just as charming, quick-witted and at-ease in person. Can you ask for more from a house guest?

Not that the authors all spent the night, but since I made the implication a sentence ago, I can now broach the topic of the day.

Next month, our daughter and son will begin to share the large’ish room at the back of the house. Which means that Mrs. E. and I will once again have a dedicated guest room after almost four years of making do. (Thank you, those of you who have spent the night in hotels and on our couches…)

Of course, having a guest room means that we might have guests. And we would like our guests to be comfortable. Pampered, even.

But not too comfortable.

(The quotation on an ashtray in the bathroom at my former in-law’s “cottage.”)

What do you think makes up a good guest room?

We’ll have a queen sized bed, of course. And a mirror, en suite bath (albeit shared with the kids), and a cozy chair of some sort. Thanks to Aesthete, I have a pair of splendid reproduction B&B wicker breakfast trays.

Is it heaps of white, turkish terrycloth towels? Should the room be painted a darker colour? (It’s pretty good size.) Or should I strive for Hemingway’s “clean, well-lit place.” Lots of pillows? A down comforter? Puddles of light? CD player with iPod inputs? Fresh flowers? Art? I’m tempted to make it much like the library. And we do need somewhere to store all the paperbacks as the hardback collection continues to grow.

(Looks like Pottery Barn to me… but you get the idea.)

Then there’s one of my frequent tear sheets from Mr. Lauren.

In many ways I want the guest bedroom to be everything that the master bedroom is not … organized, restful, elegant — a sanctuary.


Stay tuned as the Battle for the Bedroom commences.

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