Words to Live By

(From a Details article available here. Click image to enlarge a bit.)
Paul Smith Details article on Men.Style.com

Back next week with more original content. In the meantime, to paraphrase “Withnail & I“, that’s sense, Paul.

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5 Responses to Words to Live By

  1. pvedesign says:

    Paul Smith has got STYLE. A big fan if his work & style.

  2. HOBAC says:

    Oh, to think how he used to be mocked. One would not be caught dead in his shop. Who’s laughing now, hmm..?

  3. You have no idea how many times men have leaned around me to talk business. What a bore!

  4. all the best says:

    Words to live by indeed!!

  5. Mrs. Blandings! I’m so sorry to hear that. Keep fighting the Bore War for us all.

    HOBAC, all the way to the bank. Sir Paul, I should have said…

    Mrs. PVE, yes indeed. And considering, it’s actually kind of a quiet defiance. Politely punk.

    AtB, I should print this and hang it in my closet, I agree.

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