The Sap Also Rises

Al Fresco Nights
Forgive the title of this post, but spring fever has given way to the real thing… spring, that is, and I’m feeling alternately sappy and full of beans.

Yes, spring has officially sprung here in Central Virginia and our two weeks of perfect weather is about to come upon us. No humidity, pleasant temperatures, fresh(er) produce… and yet another reason to wine and dine al fresco.

During my school days, my little band of misfits and miscreants and I would anxiously await these days, pushing the envelope to include any with temperatures above, say… 55ºF. At the first hint of good weather we would sprint to a former gas station, stake out a wooden picnic table in the sun and order the first of many, many … many libations. For spring always brought with it a great thirst for all things. As the sun set, we would pull on jackets, take off our sunglasses, order some bar food and keep at it for as long as the money held out. Do you ever want the first days of spring to end?

So today’s easy and elegant assignment is to have at least one glass outside after work, sunglasses mandatory until dusk. Then light a luminary, or tealight, Chinese paper lantern or hurricane lamp, peel a steamed shrimp, serve the nachos and toast the coming of the good weather. Only do it with something better than we did twenty years ago.

Happy Weekend.

(Spiff, Scratch, Timmy-O, Al, Thomas, Tommy, Fitz, Q and even Asia Minor, this one’s for you– Chin, Chin!)

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