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(Ms. Yates, forgive me for borrowing one of your images on the strength of a couple of minutes of conversation.)

We’ve gotta get out more. You can meet the most interesting people.

Such was the case Friday night when the eagle-eyed Mrs. E. spotted a very unusual and very interesting cocktail ring on our waitress. It was of her own design! (And a one-off, unfortunately.) But we had to ask for a card from this fledgling designer, who, I’m sure, is destined for the glossy magazines. The pieces I love are all sold, but please give a quick visit to:

Ms. Yates promises to be able to sell online very soon. I promised that it would be a very good idea. I think you’ll see why.

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2 Responses to Keeley Designs

  1. pvedesign says:

    Looks very deco and organic at the same time.
    Elegant find.

  2. What a beautiful design – very deco – but somehow it reminds me of the Empire state building too ??!!???!!!

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