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A Club of One’s Own

The other day I was leafing through my copy of The Gentlemen’s Clubs of London wondering which I would have joined had I been offered the chance. And that got me thinking about the clubs here in town. None of … Continue reading

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Braised Be… It’s the Shank of the Evening

Another dreary day…. lamb shanks, anyone? I’ve preached at you long enough. Time to think about your dinner plans at the weekend. On your way home tonight stop by the grocery or the butcher and get a couple of lamb … Continue reading

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Walk About

Mornings are all about rushing. But they didn’t used to be a fight-the-morning-rush-hour-traffic-at-65 mph-while-singing-children’s-songs rush. Of all things, the metro let me in on a secret that continues to ring true for me. No matter the weather, a good morning … Continue reading

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