A Glimmer of Glamour

Leafing through my New Yorker this morning, I ran across a sort-of review by Sasha Frere-Jones (“Critic’s Notebook: Always in Fashion”) of the new double DVD Roxy Music set “The Thrill of It All.” The set immediately made my must-have list. I love Roxy Music, “Oh Yeah” maybe one of my all time favourite songs.

Yes, dear readers, before I became the urbane sophist(-icate) of Easy and Elegant Life I was a little bit…. new wave, shall we say. Occasionally, my glam rock would show… The Style Council shared record bin space with The Clash. David Bowie nestled up to The Sex Pistols. Dead Kennedys sulked alone, while Lloyd Cole, Elvis Costello and Squeeze shared inside jokes in the corner.

But on those spring nights, with the windows down in the safe solitude of my car, it was “Country Life” that blared from the stereo while I howled along with sheer joy.

And how can you not love a band that produced “Avalon“? In Sasha Frere-Jones’ words:

“The band was both decadent and stubborn: virtuoso players who restrained themselves from soloing backing up a singer, Bryan Ferry, who refused to accept that he was in a rock band rather than [at] a dinner party… Especially in their youth, the band dressed for work in a way that few bands ever have. As the announcer from BBC’s ‘Old Grey Whistle Test’ summed them up: ‘Anything but denim.’ ” (ellipses mine.)

“The Thrill of it All” features thirty-six live performances filmed during the years 1972 – 1982 in all their hi-fidelity DVD glory. From Virgin Records or Amazon.com (Where I just ordered my copy…. I have no self-restraint at all.)

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