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“Q” Quintessential Magazine
(Sorry about the scan…)
The last thing that I need is another magazine… especially after subscribing to “Q: Quintessential Style.”

If you haven’t run across one of the scarce few copies that are in Barnes and Noble, the digital edition is available on-line. Or you can subscribe, as I did. The magazine is invaluable as a reference source. Essentially, it is about recapturing the glamour of a bygone era by using those long-ago A-list names as templates for choosing new pieces to suit your look. And yes, men’s clothing does make an appearance, although not on the same scale as the women’s. But this is a great way to cultivate your taste in “fashion” without sacrificing style.

Claire Watson, puts it this way in an article on 1st Dibs: “As contemporary fashion becomes more homogenous, historical fashion is only going to become more important.”

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13 Responses to High Gloss Lifestyles

  1. I LOVE “Q”!!! It’s such a fun magazine, and I love the vintage photos!

  2. Me, too Peak! This is a “fashion” magazine that, I think, has got it right. Call it more of a “style” magazine. The vintage photos that are used to illustrate the concepts and the “seasonal” collage at the beginning are wonderful.

  3. I have read two issues before and found the contents fabulous! The vintage effect appeals to the aesthetic senses. will definitely subscribe. thanks for the tip! Keep on getting fab!

  4. all the best says:

    I love the interactive format, such wonderful photos and resources.

  5. Took a look last night. Very interesting read.

  6. Isn’t the cover image of Nan Kempner?

  7. sorry, wrong website info; needed to update my stuff.

  8. Had to update my link info; previous posting was wrongly formatted.

  9. I have to find this magazine.

  10. Yes, indeed. “Nan Kempner, Sugarbush, 1960.” Good eye AAL!

  11. This particular issue is from Winter 2007. I’m not sure, but the website may have past issued archived.

  12. I had a lovely lunch with NK and Lady Dudley years ago. Never laughed so hard in my life.

  13. That’s some company you keep! It’s good to know that some people enjoy life to the fullest. I rarely hear laughter when dining out. I miss it. There’s a sound that I associate with successful evenings. It is a combination of low laughter, ice clinking in glasses and piano music. But it’s the laughter that you recall first.

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