The Xmas Centerpiece

I’m still learning my way around a table. And, as usual, I’d forgotten to buy flowers when I got the ingredients for our dinner party last night. So I tried something different…. The erudite Mrs. E and I have always loved books, and it turns out that we had quiet a few Christmas books, some for kids, some collections of previously published works, some we picked up on trips… Combined with a lot of candles, I think it worked well.

Above and below you see the fruits of my labour. Special thanks to Mrs. E., who was smart enough to remember to snap a few pics.

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4 Responses to The Xmas Centerpiece

  1. Beautiful setting. I think that candlelight is really what makes a dinnertable special. It transforms from the ordinary to the special, and is so flattering.

  2. fairfax says:

    Completely agree about candles. The light is flattering to everyone.

    Tell us what’s on the menu, won’t you?

  3. We began with roasted red pepper, tomato and crab soup with a glass of sherry. Then it was on to the Beef Wellington, peas and carrots and mashed potatoes. A Medoc burgundy accompanied. Dessert was lava cakes and champagne and then we passed the port, cheese and walnuts. Decadent…. yeah. I’ll need to double up on the running next week!

  4. all the best says:

    It’s beautiful!! Have a wonderful Christmas! The food sounds wonderfully decadent indeed.

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