My Card…

My calling cards and business cards arrived today. They are a lot to live up to, simply beautiful and so heavy they clatter when they hit the desk.

Now the trick is to find something to carry them in. I am using a family heirloom — a cigarette case in three shades of gold that was given to someone in the family in December of 1917. The motto on the cover is latin for “I love peace.” The cards are so thick that I can only carry five at a time in the case. But I don’t really get out much anyway.

And then the question of carrying anything at all in a suit pocket comes up. Bulk ruins the well-tailored look. Perhaps I should risk bending the cards and keep a couple in a coat pocket to be produced with a smooth and elegant gesture. I understand that Frank Sinatra kept loose cigarettes in his pocket to produce the same effect. No struggling with a pack for The Chairman of the Board….

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2 Responses to My Card…

  1. William de Montherlant says:

    I admit, in my younger days on the London and NYC circuits, I would often keep a scrap of paper or three in a pocket of my suit. These came in handy in the event I met a promising young lady. A pen would have been too much. Occasionally I would stash a few cigarettes there too.

  2. Way more elegant than my cardholder. In fact, I picked up a japanese one at Muji in NYC the other day. Opaque plastic. perfect!

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