Intelligent Design

I’m new at this. Design throws me. But with my new interest in art history, I realize that my eyes are being opened to the beauty that surrounds me. And that’s getting troublesome.

Now I’m becoming obsessed with interior decoration. I mean, I know what I like when I see it. But why do I like it? And how come I can’t do that? I figured that interior design/decoration would sort of springboard from my ability to put together the elements of my wardrobe in a tasteful way. Why can I get away with combining five patterns when dressing but have no idea where to start with decor?

So, being a good William and Mary graduate, I’ve decided to do some research. There are many wonderful blogs out there (Peak of Chic, Brilliant Asylum, {this is glamorous}, All the Best, Style Court, Habitually Chic, Things that Inspire, The House of Beauty and Culture and Pigtown*Design to name a few on my reading list) whose authors not only know good taste, but can comment intelligently on why something is great design. Wow!

After a few weeks of reading, I figured I’d pick up some books at Barnes and Noble to help me out.

I have a sort of design hangover at the moment. Too much time spent staring at the shelves. Too many names, too many styles, too, too, too much information for the neophyte to absorb.

So I’m throwing the question to the experts in the audience. Dear readers: where would you start your education? Dorothy Draper? Kelly Werstler? Nancy Lancaster? John Fowler? Or a time period? Pompeii? Lascaux? Publishers? Taschen? Assouline? Elle Decor?

If you had to pick the textbook for Great Interior Design 101, what would it be?

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