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Last Sunday I ran across a wonderful post on an equally wonderful blog: A Suitable Wardrobe. The post dealt with the dress code that United Airlines imposes on the companions of UA personnel who are traveling aboard one of the company’s flights. It is very instructive and very useful information. Will, the blogger, goes one further giving us a glimpse of the very stylish contents of his bags.

I admit to breaking at least one of the rules myself when traveling back from Spain (carrying a statuette of a waterbuffalo — but that’s another story.) I chose a white linen shirt, and off-white linen and cotton “jeans” to wear with my tan suede Tod’s driving mocs. A little Eurotrashy perhaps, but the well-travelled Mrs. E and I were en route from the Costa del Sol where we were incredibly over-dressed…

These (summer) days I would return to my trusty blue blazer (a pain at security, but lots of extra pockets), white seersucker trousers (they’re supposed to look wrinkled…) and a pair of Belgian Shoes. Doing without the blazer, I would opt for a lightweight sweater (which can double as a scarf, if need be.)

Follow the suggestions and traveling may once again seem vaguely glamourous. Now if only I could find a great spotted red neckerchief to set off a soon-to-be acquired tan…

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