At First Blush


If you learn to do one thing well for a first date, make it this: learn to make a perfect Kir Royale. The aperitif that uplifts, enlivens, and seduces, the Kir Royale is a mixture of Champagne and Creme de Cassis — frankly, any ordinary sparkling wine will benefit from a shot of Chambord. The trick is to just “blush” the wine — making it the color of your date’s cheeks after that first drink or semi-indecent suggestion — by pouring the Chambord straight down the middle of the bubbly so as to not leave a trail on the sides of the flute.

Some add a twist of lemon peel. If you do, peel the lemon using a shallow cut — lots of white pith left on the underside makes for a bitter drink.

Bitter, as we learn from experience, comes later in the love affair.

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